Sprite edits.

Because I'm just so damn good, my sprite gallery has grown to a rather silly size, so I have done what any bandwidth conscious cowboy like myself would do. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I, the ledgendary NeroMan have done the impossible, tamed the untamable, fought the unfightable and lived, and most importantly, I've split my sprite gallery into -four- pages. Yes -four- pages.

Gallery 1
Capcom characters dressed as Roll, Cyber-edits, some misc, and some Transformers
Gallery 2
More Transformers and a lotta misc, find Waldo, and more importantly, find DuffMan! OH yea.
Gallery 3
Some Indie Madnesse refugees, some Jojo-style Stardroids, me cosplaying some other sprite artists, and Jojo style Stardroids. And Misc! How can you possibly resist?
Gallery 4
Some reformed reformees, a bit of misc, and my posse. Then some nice enlargements of a few guys and a sweet gif.
Gallery 5
Do you like ninjas? I know I do. Too bad there aren't any on this page.
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